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Cup Covent Garden

Opening Hours

Empire Cinemas open 30 minutes before their first scheduled film.

About Cup Covent Garden

Cup was born in May 2012 over many long blacks and flat whites around central London. The café scene in central London is nothing new, coffee houses have been part for the fabric of the city since the late 1600’s and early 1700s when as many as 3,000 coffee houses played host to caffeine-fuelled debate, wheeler-dealing and gossip-mongering on London’s streets. Covent Garden had many well-known coffee houses through the years and is the home of Cup.

We believe we can offer a fantastic range of drinks which are both ethically sourced and a great experience to be enjoyed. Our target audience is wide and inclusive; we aim to have a drink option to suit all tastes, whether it is an espresso, flat white, hot chocolate, fruit smoothie or milkshake!

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