Parking Tariff

Up to 1 hour£2.00
Up to 2 hours£3.20
Up to 3 hours£4.60
Up to 4 hours£6.20
Up to 5 hours£9.00
Up to 6 hours£9.00
Over 6 hours£15.00
Arriving after 7pm (to 7am)£2.00
Your Parking Space

Your parking Space now manages the car park and will be able to assist you further with your query.

Please contact them directly via the customer service WhatsApp 07418 360 404 or website 

No app, no cash, no worries… pay on the Your Parking Space website.

Or pay with the Your Parking Space app using location ID 11866.


Our 370 space short stay Car Park is completely integrated with the main shopping complex via the Central Rotunda.

PLEASE NOTE: As of Monday 4th December, parking for Motorbikes will no longer be free. Any motorbikes parked in the Car Park will be charged.

Parent & Child Parking

There are 7 x Parent & Child Spaces located on the lower ground floor. 

NOTE: Please be mindful of other’s needs when parking in parent & child and accessible parking spaces.

Accessible Car Parking

There are 11 x disabled spaces dedicated to Shop Mobility customers on the lower ground floor until 5pm every day. These 11 spaces are available for all disabled customers to use after 5pm.

There are 5 x disabled spaces located on the basement level (not accessible after 9pm). Disabled spaces on Lower Ground Floor from 5pm and disabled spaces on the basement level do not require a blue badge and no parking concessions are available.

NOTE: No accessible access from the basement level after 9pm

Getting Here

Finding the car park is also simple with signposts on just about every main approach to the town just follow the “Buttermarket” or “Shopmobility” signs and drive in, a height limit of 6′ 8″ (2m) will allow pretty well all passenger vehicles easy parking.


With both lift and stair access, using the centre could not be simpler or safer – whatever the weather.

When accessing the car park after the centre is closed, please ensure you use the pedestrian walk way provided

Safe Parking

On a safety note the park has won the coveted government backed secure parks award every year since it started in 1994. Well lit and benefiting from both security cameras and foot patrols the park offers you real peace of mind for both your vehicle and your personal safety.

Parking Concessions

PARKING CONCESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE when vising selected stores. Please ensure your parking is validated in participating venue before leaving.

Pure Gym – 2 hour concession to members when using the gym

Shop Mobility – 2 hour concession to members when using shop mobility service

Cinema – Free after 4pm (restrictions apply )

Superbowl UK – Free after 4pm (restrictions apply )

Note: CUSTOMER Parking at Cinema/Superbowl FREE after 4pm only – If you enter the car park before 4pm you will need to pay for any additional time.

Charging Points

We have 4 charging points available – there is currently no charge for using the charging points, but you will need to pay any standard parking charges during your visit. Once you have parked in one of the four charging bays, please ask a member of security if you require any assistance to set you up ready for charging – they can be contacted either at the kiosk next to the exit, or by using the help button at any pay machine. You will then just need a member of the security team to unlock your charging point before you leave and they can be contacted in the same way then.

Please note: Our charging points are currently unavailable for use – We are working on upgrading them – please keep an eye out for updates

Car Wash Service

Looking to have your car cleaned while you shop? ICC offers the complete car cleaning solution and in addition and handles cosmetic repairs on-site. They care about the environment and as such, make use of environmentally-friendly bio-degradeable washing agents. To book an appointment, please call them on 0845 528 0459 or send them an email on 

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